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Prototype remasters display at 1080p but that's about it, says Digital Foundry

A Digital Foundry report on the Prototype: Biohazard Bundle for Xbox One indicates not much has changed other than the game's output at native 1080p, and the Xbox One version of Prototype 2 runs worse than the PS3 release.

While you can read the full report over on Eurogamer, below are a few takeaways.

  • "Both versions output at native 1080p, boosting image quality over their sub-720p setups on PS3 and Xbox 360. However, each game maintains the exact same draw distance range as the older console releases, while texture and shadow quality is identical."
  • "The first Prototype remaster plays at 30fps with adaptive v-sync on Xbox One, dropping to the mid-20s with tearing once explosives are triggered. It's generally solid - and playable enough - but a touch under-ambitious given the plain, repetitive design of the world."
  • "Even by latter-day PS3 and Xbox 360 standards the animations, effects and textures don't hold up well on current-gen. It's hard to fathom why such a game couldn't operate at an absolutely locked 30fps. It's a real disappointment the developers did not go the whole hog and target 60Hz gameplay."
  • "Prototype 2 is more of an ordeal to play on Xbox One. Cut-scenes stutter by a frame every time the camera cuts to a new angle; emerging to Manhattan's complex of skyscrapers it unfolds around 20-25fps with highly intrusive screen-tear. It's absolutely among the worst performing games on Xbox One to date; it's staggering to see Xbox One's frame-rate stay so consistently low in this remastered sequel."
  • "In direct comparison, Xbox One struggles to even match the 360 version at points, falling as low as 18fps during a fly-over of the city."

In conclusion, Digital Foundry said the Prototype bundle was a "disappointing effort" as neither remaster is "up to snuff."

The PlayStation 4 version wasn't tested as it's not out in the wild just yet. It will be released on July 22.

The individual games will be available to buy separately in mid-August.

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