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Proteus patch improves frame rate, adds "wild" Sony content

Proteus has been patched with fixes for a couple of niggling issues and the introduction of optional content found in the PlayStation 3 and Vita builds.

As detailed on the Proteus blog, the Linux, Mac and PC version now supports the "wilder islands" options found in the Sony ports.

"Some of these are subtle, some aren’t, and they’re all locked until you play through once, then are randomly applied on future islands. They are all purely visual or 'structural' things. You can also change the 'Wildness' setting in the 'Other' options menu if you want to force 'normal' islands or maximum wildness," co-creator Ed Key wrote.

Otherwise, the patch fixes an OSX Mavericks crash and improves framerates across all platforms. Full patch feature list below:

  • Fix for crash on startup on OSX Mavericks
  • General framerate improvement
  • Slight tweak to title screen animation
  • “Wild” islands have 10 or so new possible wild traits
  • “Wild Islands” setting in the menu is now “Never”/”Maybe”/”Maximum”
  • Fixed a bug where a certain creature sometimes didn’t appear in summer
  • Winter and ending sequence timings improved
  • Various small fixes and improvements to audio mixing

I really liked Proteus. Just sayin'.

Thanks, Shack News.

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