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Project Eternity now Pillars of Eternity, gets first gameplay trailer

Project Eternity has been dubbed Pillars of Eternity by developer Obsidian Entertainment, which also offers a first gameplay trailer for the crowdfunded classic RPG.

The new title is displayed resplendently on the Eternity website. Unfortunately, the title announcement wasn't accompanied by a release date; we're still stuck with a vague 2014 for the Linux, Mac and PC title.

Project Eternity, a classic, old-school style RPG, was one of the first major Kickstarters to spring up in the wake of Double Fine's Adventure, which became Broken Age. None of the "big" Kickstarters have made it to release yet, so this stirring from Obsidian is a comforting sign.

Check out the trailer below. Although we've seen gameplay footage through backer materials released during Project Eternity's development period, this is the first bit of marketing to show the game off "to the public", as it were.

Thanks, AllGamesBeta.

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