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Prison Architect has made $370,000 in four weeks, Introversion releases figures

Prison Architect's paid alpha funding process is paying off, as developer Introversion Software has just revealed that the game has made $370,000 in just four weeks. The game follows a similar funding model as Minecraft, giving players access to each new build as it is released.

Over on the Introversion forums, co-founder Chris Delay revealed that he sales figures would not be kept secret from backers and that they are 'above expectation'.

"We decided early on that we’d share our sales figures, because there’s just no reason to keep this data secret, and it might help other indies with their own game launch plans. We think the model we’ve used - a Paid Alpha crossed with Kickstarter style tiers is an excellent model for Indie Games right now, and these figures back that up."

"At 10,000 sales and over $360,000 in revenue in just four weeks, it’s fair to say these sales are way beyond our expectations. "

Here's the sale breakdown:

Delay continued, "Prison Architect has already raised a great deal of money for Introversion, and we’ve seen a fantastic community form quickly around the game. Our private wiki was previously empty but has already been filled by community written articles, the modding scene is already exploring the (deliberately) very open save game files and LUA scripts used in game, and we already have translations underway into several other languages."

Fancy backing the project and playing it? Check out the official Prison Architect site here.

Also, VG247 interviewed Introversion's Mark Morris about the game's development, funding and the issue of indies vs consoles. Check out what he said here:

Prison Architect: putting the triple-A market on trial.

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