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You will fall in love with Captain Pikachu when Pokemon Horizons comes to Netflix next year

That's for those of you over in the US.

While Japan has been getting fresh episodes of Pokemon Horizons since April, the new anime will finally be released in English next year, exclusively on Netflix.

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company announced through a new trailer that Pokemon Horizons: The Series will be coming to Netflix on February 23 in the US, complete with the English dub. Oddly enough, if you're over here in the UK you'll actually be able to watch it as soon as this Friday, December 1, where it will be airing exclusively on BBC iPlayer and CBBC. Still, for those of you in the US, you can check out the trailer for the dub below ahead of its February release date.

Cover image for YouTube video

Pokemon Horizons has obviously made a major change compared to previous seasons of the anime, that being the fact that Ash Ketchum is no longer the series' protagonist. Last year, Ash's story wrapped up where he was officially dubbed the world's best Pokemon trainer, a fitting if maybe undeserving end for a character that's been a constant throughout many people's childhoods. Unsurprisingly, Horizons will continue to feature Pikachu, but this time round it'll star Captain Pikachu, who is in fact a different electric rat from the one that accompanied Ash, and also has a cute little captain's hat.

Now, the series will focus on Liko and Roy, along with Scarlet and Violet starters Sprigatito and Fuecoco, as well as Friede and his Captain Pikachu. Liko is a new student at Indigo Academy, and has a mysterious pendant that bad guys called the Explorers want for plot reasons, and Roy just simply wants to be a trainer that has some kind of ancient Poke Ball. I'm sure we'll find out the relevance of these things in good time!

Aside from Pokemon Horizons, we also have the incredibly cute looking stop-motion show Pokemon Concierge, also set to arrive on Netflix this December.

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