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Pokemon: 'Great Detective Pikachu' trademarked by Nintendo

Pokemon developer Game Freak is working on a detective caper that teams players up with Pikachu. Now, Nintendo has trademarked something called 'Great Detective Pikachu' in Japan.

The game is said to feature facial recognition technology, enabling the in-game Pikachu to replicate your expressions. The first screenshot of Pikachu in action, and this creepy clip of him pulling faces can be found through the links.

Serebii reports that 'Great Detective Pikachu' has been trademarked in Japan by Nintendo. The site adds that while several trademark filings end up unused, this one is particularly relevant and timely.

What do you think of the above?

Meanwhile, some Pokemon X & Y has seen some ten million creatures exchanged since the games launches.

Via Nintendo Life.

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