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PlayStation Plus prices will increase in Europe, Asia starting August 1

Sony is raising the subscription price of PlayStation Plus in Asia and Europe starting August 1.

According to various notices sent to subscribers by Sony, the price increase for PlayStation Plus will vary by sub choice and location.

In France, Germany, and Norway only one month subscription prices will increase. All three subscription offerings have a price increase in Sweden (575 kr to 620 kr for one year) and Switzerland (59.90 to 69.90 CHF for one year), (thanks, PSN Profiles, via Nibel).

The last price increase for PS Plus was in 2017, and prices across Europe and the UK increased by $10, or the regional equivalent, for the yearly sub. The three-month sub went up by $5, and the one-month sub by $1.

Japan will see the price go from ¥514 to ¥850 for the one-month sub, and ¥2150 for the three month sub. Prices will also increase in China, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

If you head through the links, you can see a complete breakdown of the various price changes.


Hopefully, the price increase will be justified should Sony start offering more games per month. At present, subscribers are only given two PS4 games per month now that Sony no longer offers PSP or PS3 titles.

As of press time, information on whether a price increase will be applied to other countries in mainland Europe, or the UK, is not known. We'll update this post if more information becomes available.

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