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PlayStation Plus free games for March may have just leaked

It looks like we're getting Tearaway: Unfolded and Disc Jam as free PlayStation Plus games next month.


Sony has yet to officially announce the free PlayStation Plus games subscribers will get for free in March. However, thanks to a flyer making the rounds, we already have the names of the PS4 games.

The leaflet, which popped up on NeoGAF recently, likely originates from Europe. It's advertising PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and clearly shows Tearaway: Unfolded and Disc Jam as next month's free games.


Tearaway: Unfolded is a remastered version of Tearaway, a PS Vita game. Some of the mechanics, which relied on the Vita's touchpad, have been reworked for the DualShock 4 controller.

As for Disc Jam, the game is a take on the competitive disc throwing and air hockey sports sub-genre. It's a bit like a modern, 3D Windjammers, and judging by the company's approach to marketing so far, appears to be aiming for that Rocket League spot.

An official announcement should be made this week, but this looks relatively legit.

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