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PlayStation All-Stars is "pretty serious" despite "absurd" premise

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale may intrinsically silly, but Superbot believes the fighting grit wedged in there overcomes the dazzle and flash.

Speaking to CVG, game director Omar Kendall said the brawler has a unique character which certainly plays up to the promise of its highly varied cast.

"I think there's something very absurd in the basic premise of a game where Kratos is fighting PaRappa the Rapper. It does lend itself to a bit of ridiculousness," he said.

"Just based on the premise, we've got a no-holds-barred approach to move design, level design, different ideas for systems - there's a sort of tongue-in-cheek light-heartedness that the game just intrinsically has."

That said, there's a second aspect to the game's nature which shines through.

"At the same time we're pretty serious competitive fighting game dudes, or at least a large contingency of the guys at SuperBot are, so I think despite the ridiculous nature of some of the elements, at its heart Playstation All-Stars is a pretty serious fighting game," Kendall added.

"We really embraced the mash-up concept. We allowed ourselves to really embrace all sides of the type of game Playstation All-Stars represents."

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale arrives on PlayStation 3 and Vita in November.

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