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PlayStation All-Stars adds Jak, Daxter and Cole

Cole McGrath of Infamous and Insomniac's Jak and Daxter have joined the cast of Super Smash Bros brawl-a-like, PlayStation All -Stars Battle Royale.

The three new inclusions were announced at a panel at San Diego Comic Con. According to MTV Multiplayer, Naughty Dog were originally slated to build the fighter but it was handed off to Superbot because the former was busy with The Last of Us.

Staffers also confirmed rumours the project was originally named Title Fight - kudos, PGN.

Sony released three new trailers to mark the occasion - two character announce spots (Jak and Daxter count as one combatant) and a general teaser. Check 'em all out below.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale arrives exclusively on PlayStation 3 in October.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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