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Water is wet, and players dying in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is still funny

The universal truth of video games.

To the surprise of no one, only a day after launch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are dying in increasingly funny ways.

I remember my first death in Breath of the Wild. I hadn't even gotten off of the Great Plateau, and I had just reached the top of the first tower. Of course, that mysterious old man told me I could have his glider if I do some tasks for him, so I proceeded to leave the incredibly tall tower and… I miss a step and fall to my death. "Oh," I thought. "That's what this game is." And safe to say, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is exactly the same in that regard.

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Players have already started sharing their experiences of dying in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and let me tell you, the potential for funny deaths is possibly even higher in this one. Over on Reddit, user Kingoftheuniverse800 thought stitching a whole bunch of logs together would make a successful bridge. Spoiler: it did not!

[TotK] Off to a great start with this game…
by u/Kingoftheuniverse800 in zelda

User SkyMewTwo's first death involved some experimentation with the fuse mechanic and a red chuchu jelly, and let's just say there was certainly some fiery passion behind the idea.

[Tears of the Kingdom] Behold, My first death.
by u/SkyMewtwo in Link_Dies

Fregona-tactica shared a moment that can and should only be finished with the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to be continued meme.

[TOTK] Note to myself: don't hit objects whose function are unknow not so close
by u/Fregona-tactica in zelda

The Days Until Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Twitter account might have remembered to remind us how far away the game was, but they didn't remember that you don't start off with the paraglider.

CrystAAHHL decided to enter the bridge building business but forgot the most important rule of bridge building: don't stand on the bridge you're building while you're building it.

The final pre-launch trailer for Tears of the Kingdom referred to Link as the last defence, but Casey Moore shows that maybe that's a bad idea.

To be fair to everyone (myself included), Tears of the Kingdom is a tough game! Thankfully we've got some tips for beginners to get you on your way.

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