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Playable John Wick coming as free DLC to Payday 2

Downloadable John Wick content is coming to Payday 2 tomorrow, October 22 ahead of the theatrical release of Keanu Reeves' latest action flick.

The free DLC is based on the professional hit man as it adds a playable John Wick character to the Payday group.

Those who plan on going to see John Wick and purchase tickets through Fandango will receive a free download of Payday 2 for Steam.

Payday 2's John Wick DLC includes:

  • John Wick, a new playable character in PAYDAY 2
  • A new perk system called Hitman, which includes features such as Akimbo, the ability to dual wield weapons, a favorite of John Wick himself
  • A new pistol with accompanying weapon modifications and a new knife melee weapon
  • Three cool-looking sunglasses to customize and wear

For more information on the DLC can be found here.

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