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Play Battlefield 4 this week to unlock Heist mode for Hardline beta

DICE has announced a new community mission that if cleared, will unlock a third game mode for everyone in Battlefield Hardline beta.


The new community mission was revealed earlier on Battlelog.

The community mission starts today at 9am PST and runs through 11:59pm PST on Saturday, January 24. The mission tasks players on all platforms with scoring 2 billion points in Battlefield 4's Rush mode.

Should that feat get accomplished, everyone will get to experience Heist, a third game mode, when the Hardline beta launches.

In addition, every Wedensday from now until March 17 (the launch of Hardline), Battlefield 4 players will get community missions, gold Battlepacks, Hardline-themed dog tags, exclusive wallpaper and more.

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