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Planetary Annihilation will be released "when it's done," says Uber Entertainment

Planetary Annihilation, the space RTS from Uber Entertainment, no longer has a release date attached to it. Instead, according to the developer, it will be released "when it's done."

"In order to deliver the best possible experience to our future and current players, we’re postponing the estimated release of Planetary Annihilation to … when it’s done," said Uber on its webpage. "That means Planetary Annihilation will launch when we feel confident about its level of polish and the amount of awesome we can jam into it.

"We don’t have a hard date moving forward. However, we do expect it to be feature-complete in early 2014."

Planetary Annihilation was successfully Kickstarted in summer 2012 and was originally set for release in July 2013 for Linux, Mac and PC.

The beta is available through early access on Steam and Humble Store.

Thanks, rumrod.

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