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Planetary Annihilation to be published by Nordic Games

Nordic Games and Uber Entertainment have partnered up to bring the retail version of the RTS game Planetary Annihilation to market and online.

Here's a couple zany quotes on the matter pulled from the press release:

"It's a busy time for Nordic Games, especially as we've just finished buying all these black cars," said Klemens Kreuzer, managing director at Nordic Games, wearing a grey three-piece. "We're all dressing much better and we're bringing a legendary RTS franchise to players around the world with some very special retail SKUs for the hardcore fan."

"Nordic Games is helping us deliver the next-generation of real-time strategy gaming to our Kickstarter backers and global fan base," said Jon Mavor, CTO at Uber Entertainment, not wearing a suit at all.

"We can't wait to show the press and fans what we've put together, it's a very exciting time to be a part of Uber Entertainment. I should clarify we're not THAT Uber. Nice suits, though."

Planetary Annihilation will have single-player, as well as multiplayer modes for up to 40 players so as to create a massive free-for-all team based wars that can be waged across the galaxy. Sounds fun.

Uber announced last week that in order to deliver "the best possible experience to future and current players," it had postponed the estimated release of Planetary Annihilation to "when it’s done."

The game was successfully Kickstarted in summer 2012 and was originally set for release in July 2013 for Linux, Mac and PC. The beta is available through early access on Steam and Humble Store.

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