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Pillars of Eternity patch betas hitting Steam, update 1.05 to drop in May

Patch 1.04 for Pillars of Eternity dropped yesterday, and according to Obsidian Entertainment, players can expect the next round of fixes to arrive in May.


According to a post on the Kickstarter page, patch 1.04 contained quite a bit of fixes, and going forward, the team plans to continue squishing bugs, adding additional polish and balancing gameplay.

May's patch 1.05 will include more fixes along with "some additional new features" such as the ability to change player portraits and voice set during the game. New shaders for Afflictions such as Petrified are also in the works.

Patch betas are also being offered, which will allow players to patch in fixes faster while providing and opportunity for the team to find "potential problems in a patch sooner."

The patches are only being offered on Steam due to technical limitations, but Obsidian's "investigating getting the patch beta process on GOG," though the post notes that it may not be possible.

Players interested in joining the patch betas on Steam should head through the link for instructions and more information.

For the full patch notes, head over to the Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter page.

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