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Peter Moore - Sony didn't deliver with the Emotion Engine and Killzone 2

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Peter Moore's on a roll. Having already said this week that he personally took the decision to can Dreamcast, he's now accused Sony of over-promising and under-delivering with both PS2 and PS3.

"I was angry with Sony at the time [of Dreamcast's demise], but in their shoes I probably would have done the same thing," he said.

"They did a tremendous job – and it's a story they repeated in 2005 with Killzone – where they promised the consumer something they probably believed they were going to deliver, but they never did.

"PlayStation 2 - it was the emotion engine it was games coming to life, Real Player was going to be on there, a full network browser… and they just never delivered."

Moore's comments come from the second part part of an interview with the Guardian. Again, essential reading.

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