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Persona 4 Vita confirmed in new Famitsu for spring 2012 JP launch

Last week's Persona tease, further fueled on Monday? It's just as we thought. Persona 4 is going portable title - but not to PSP.

The new game, known as Persona 4: The Golden, will release on PlayStation Vita. It will remain largely the same as it was when the brilliant PS2 RPG released in 2009 in Europe, but will have additional content added and 1.5 times more voiceovers.

There'll also be a new female character, called Marie, new cutscenes and an anime opening cinematic with music by Shouji Meguro.

Atlus has said the new version will add in a batch of features requested by fans - one element has been particularly requested a lot - and the ability to call for help via WiFi when your party reaches critical state.

According to producer Katsura Hashino, the title was originally planned for PSP, but was dropped because of the cuts it had made with Persona 3 Portable, and that it had wanted to keep as much content from the original P4 as possible, He added that with Vita, it could make the game a lot better than it was on PS2.

It's due to launch in Japan by spring 2012. Vita's down for a winter launch in the country, with an early 2012 window in the West.

But that's not all on the P4 front. A Persona 4 fighter - yes, that does say fighter - is also in the new issue of Famitsu, developed by the BlazBlue team at Arc System Works.

Known as Persona 4: Ultimate Mayonaka Arena according to Japanese gaming blogs (thanks, BleakHarvest), It'll launch in arcades first next spring, before appearing on PS3 and 360 next summer.

The game will feature fighters from not just P4, but also Persona 3, with characters featuring their own original story. The main story takes place two months after Persona 4. It is also a joint development between ASW and Team Persona, with BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori saying to Famitsu it was surprised when TP offered the chance to develop the game.

Thanks, RPGSite, Andriasang and GAF.

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