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Persona 4 Arena is "looking at a May release" in Europe

Persona 4 Arena may have zoned in on its European release date. Possibly. In an update on the Persona Europe Facebook page, publisher Zen United announced the Xbox 360 version is going through Microsoft's submission process.

Discussing the possibility of the game actually coming out, Zen wrote:

"Though dependent on when it passes, of course - I think it's realistic for me to say we're looking at a May release."

Nothing concrete, but European players wanting to try the game might have something to run with. Atlus' decision to region-lock the original code has proven controversial, leaving many consumers angered by the game's non-appearance.

A May 2013 release means European hopefuls will have waited a year longer than their Japanese and American counterparts. Are you still willing to buy?

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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