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People make room-scanning Kinect robot, order it around with gestures


Jesus. We were joking when we said, "Go make some robots." Why do you have to be so literal?

Short version: some MIT people took Kinect, strapped it to an iRobot Create along with a range-finding sensor, a netbook board and some other crap, and let it wander around rooms scanning everything in 3D. It's pretty mental.

And that's not all. Later on in the video below, one of the team behind K-Bot directs it around by pointing, in the same way you'd play a Kinect game.

Games are for wimps, though. Why "play" when you can be in Minority Report, connect the “boardroom and the living room,” capture 3D media and make robot dogs?

Super-Kinect. Watch and see. Thanks, Engadget.

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