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PEGI site reveals massive PSN games list

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Blimey. Looks like not buying a PS3 may be an actual error soon. These games are taken from PEGI's site as being rated for PSN, so there's no further information or release dates yet, assuming these are coming out for the download service at all.

  • Bust a Groove (Other/Music games)
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 (Action/Platform)
  • Colony Wars (Action/Platform)
  • Cool Boarders 2 (Sports/Extreme Sports)
  • Cool boarders 3 (Sports/Extreme Sports)
  • Destruction Derby 2 (Racing)
  • Devil Dice (Puzzle)
  • Everybody’s Golf (Sports/Golf)
  • Klonoa (Action/Platform)
  • Kurushi Final (Puzzle)
  • Motor Toon Grand Prix (Racing)
  • Namco Museum (Other/Mini game Collection)
  • Namco Museum 2 (Puzzle)
  • Namco Museum 4 (Puzzle)
  • Omega Boost (Action/Shooter)
  • Ridge Racer (Racing/Arcade Racing)
  • Ridge Racer Type 4 (Racing)
  • Rollcage (Racing)
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Action/Platform)
  • Tekken 2 (Fighting/Beat-Em-Up)
  • Tekken 3 (Fighting/Beat-Em-Up)
  • Twisted Metal (Racing)
  • Vib Ribbon (Other/Music games)
  • Wip3out (Racing/Futuristic Racing)
  • WipeOut 2097 (Racing/Futuristic Racing)

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