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Peggle 2 videos introduce new Masters (and Bjorn)

Peggle 2's Masters are a varied lot; learn about their new super powers in the trailer series through the break.

Below you'll find introductions to gnome Gnorman, whose electric attack can be chained to nearby pegs; ghost Luna, who clears blue pegs to make it easier to hit orange ones; returning mascot Bjorn Unicorn, who once more uses the super guide; Yeti Berg, and his freezing power; and Jeffrey, a bowling fanatic with shades of the Big Lebwoski.

We saw previews of a few of these Masters in past videos, but this is our first proper look at them.

Peggle 2 launches on Xbox One on December 9; it's expected on other platforms at a later date, but is a timed exclusive.

Thanks, Shack News.

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