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Pandemic makes first mention of Mercenaries 3

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Speaking in a Next-Gen interview, Pandemic creative director Cameron Brown has apparently confirmed that development of a third game in the Mercenaries series will get under way straight after Mercenaries 2: World in Flames ships at the end of August.

"While we don't want to delay the game, and we certainly don't want to disappoint anyone - and we're keen to ship the game and move on to Mercs 3 - it was the right call for us was to make sure that co-op [in Mercs 2] was going to be properly integrated into the experience and to make sure that all that key destruction was really going to be what it needed to be," he said.

Nothing to add to that, really. More guns for hire for the win.

Update: Oh. This isn't the first mention at all. Eurogamer published an article on Merc 3 last July.

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