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Painkiller expansion Redemption releasing on February 25

JoWood's confirmed that it'll release Painkiller expansion Redemption on February 25.

The new expansion sees Heaven being threatened from an incoming army from Hell, as Daniel and Belial "combine their forces and join the never-ending battle between good and evil."

"It demands quite a bit of skill to confront the countless hordes of monsters – to vanquish them you can equip some really crazy weapons," said international product marketing manager Markus Reutner.

"We also have the right soundtrack for the fast-paced action because the atmosphere is particularly important when countless monsters attack you without mercy. An insiders' tip for Painkiller friends as well as for new fans."

There's screens of the expansion below. The shooter, created by now-Epic owned Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, was first released in April 2004.

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