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JoWood announces Painkiller: Redemption for release this month

JoWood Entertainment has announced the launch of Painkiller: Redemption, which continues the story of Daniel and Belial as they fight off over 6000 enemies to a heavy metal soundtrack all the while, unlocking different Tarot Cards. We have no idea why that's supposed to be so special - it sounds like a normal day around our place.

All joking aside, the game is a stand alone version of a mod created for it, and folks can use tactical means to rid the world of enemies while collecting their souls in order to unleash the demon within.

The features list mentions the game will last around 7 to 10 hours depending on your play style, has updated graphics, provides you with up to 1000 monsters per map just ripe for the killing, and improved AI.

Painkiller: Redemption is out this month, with a price to be determined.

Thanks, BigDowload.

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