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Pac-Man, Mega Man added to PS3 Street Fighter x Tekken roster

PlayStation 3 and Vita players benefit from yet more exclusive characters, including a Mega-man strongly reminiscent of awful 1980's cover art.

A post on Capcom-Unity gives a rationale for Mega Man's alarming appearance.

"In the spirit of crossover fun, the dev team wanted both Capcom and Namco's mascots to join the fray in a slightly silly, goofy way. Pac-Man riding Mokujin is about as weird as it can get, so the best equivalent for Mega Man would have to be the so-bad-it's-good-but-still-kinda-bad box art from Mega Man 1 in the US."

Both the PS3 and Vita versions of the fighter now sport five exclusive characters, counting Cole from inFamous and Sony mascots Kuro and Toro. The Xbox 360 version has no guest characters due to problems with negotiations and timing.

Street Fighter x Tekken releases on all three platforms plus PC in early March.

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