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Online system for White Knight Chronicles explained a bit


Level-5 has revealed to Sony that once players have completed Chapter One of White Knight Chronicles in Story Mode, the online mode will open up.

To get you sorted on the basics, Sony has posted a bit of an explanation of three of its features.

  • GeoNet: A social networking service for online players, where you can meet and interact with other players to get set for multiplayer quests.
  • Georama: Design your own HomeTown, which serves as a lobby for the online mode, and contains three different fields for 18 different building combinations. Players can make hedge mazes or pixel art and recruit NPCs from the story mode to come live in your town and give 'em a job.
  • Subquest: You control your own avatar in this mode, and as the story unfolds, quests will become available and you’ll accumulate points which will build your guild rank. The higher the rank, the more quests and weapons that are available for you.  50 subquests will be available at launch, and new ones will be added along the way online.

An exclusive feature for North American and European gamers is Rogue Galaxy’s Live Talk, which is part of voice chat allowing characters to issue  a “huge variety of context-specific commentary as the quests unfold".

The game's out in spring 2010 and loads more can be learned regardin the online mode over on the US PS Blog.

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