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Not even a lawsuit could kill Uplay

Uplay is one of the less popular PC DRM systems, but all your fervent wishing that it would die has not been successful.


A suit brought against Ubisoft alleging Uplay violates a number of DRM technologies has been shot down.

Polygon reports a United States District Court judge dismissed Digital Reg of Texas LLC's suit, which posited six patent violations related to regulating access, tracking access, delivering, securing and encrypting content using DRM.

The judge ruled that Ubisoft is immune to a patent infringement suit thanks to an earlier settlement agreement by Valve, which licensed the patented technologies. No, I don't understand it either; but I'm not a lawyer.

Like every DRM system ever introduced, Uplay has a swathe of detractors. Steam and even Origin (to some degree) have managed to overcome the public's initial reluctance to accept DRM systems by providing a host of useful social tools and being pretty reliable, but poor old Uplay's not quite there yet. A nasty blip when Watch Dogs launched hasn't helped its reputation, unfortunately.

In Uplay's defence, it's not Games for Windows Live, amirite? Give it a year or two, Ubisoft will iron out the bumps.

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