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No LostWinds for Live and PSN, but Frontier "will be supporting" the services

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Speaking to VG247 at Develop, Frontier's David Braben confirmed that there are no plans in place to bring WiiWare smash LostWinds to either Live or PSN, but that the UK developer has other plans for downloadable 360 and PS3 content.

"Not at the moment, no," he said when asked if LostWinds would make it to other consoles.

"But be will be supporting Live and PSN with something else... We at Frontier have this really fun [forum] called Game of the Week. That gets so many rich ideas - we've got this rich bucket of ideas - that it makes sense to do a project that's appropriate to a platform."

Braben refused to be drawn on the identity of any game for PSN or Live, saying only that he "can't talk about it" at the moment.

Frontier had a good experience with using WiiWare as the distribution platform for platform adventure LostWinds, with Nintendo confirming the game as the most downloaded on the service in Europe.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out what David's up to here.

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