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Braben: We'd be "stupid" not to look at more LostWinds

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Everyone knows Frontier's going to do a LostWinds sequel, right? From the sound of it, so does Frontier.

"We'd be stupid not to look at the LostWinds world," studio boss David Braben told VG247. "But we're not announcing anything yet."

Stupid indeed. Press surrouding the WiiWare adventure was "positive," to say the least.

"I was pleasantly surprised," said Braben of the reaction to the game. "One of the problems of writing games is that you're expecting to do well, because it's your baby and you love it, but I'm very pleased with what we did."

Braben said the development of LostWinds took him back to the good old days of bedroom coding.

"It reminds me of development a long time ago, where three or four months seemed like a long time," he said.

Don't be vastly shocked if you hear about a sequel sooner rather than later.

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