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Nintendo Switch Lite officially revealed, coming September for $200

Nintendo has officially unveiled the Switch Lite, a handled version of its flagship console.

As multiple leaks over the past few months revealed, Nintendo has indeed been working on a smaller version of the Switch.

Only it's not a Mini, and is instead called the Switch Lite - a fully portable version of the hybrid console.

The lighter, smaller frame features a 5.5" touch screen and does away with the detachable Joy-Cons and HD Rumble. There's an actual D-pad on the left, but the rest of the design is largely unchanged.

Nintendo says the battery will last between three to seven hours, which is only slightly better than the flagship Switch's 6.5 hours max. The Switch Lite is a handheld-only device, so does not come with a dock or a kickstand.

In fact, it has no HDMI port, and can't connect to your TV, nor is it compatible with your existing Switch dock. The only thing you can use from your current setup is the Joy-Cons, which can connect wirelessly to the Switch Lite. This is important because Joy-Cons are required in case the game does not support handheld mode. That said, you'll still need a charging device for the Joy-Cons since there's no physical room for them on the Lite.

Nintendo did not reveal detailed specs just yet, but there's a basic comparison between the two systems on the official site.

The Switch Lite will be available beginning September 20, priced $200. It comes in three colours: yellow, grey, and turquoise. Nintendo is also releasing a special Pokemon edition dubbed the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition, available on November 8.

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