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Nintendo Downloads, February 02 - Sakura Samurai, Crystal Method

When the Nintendo Network really fires up, this feature is going to get a lot more interes- oh my gosh Carmen Sandiego game.

The headlining eShop release this week is Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword, which is pretty gorgeous. Some users are reporting freezing issues which are apparently easily remedied by switching SD cards.

For both DSi and 3DS, there's GO Series: Undead Storm, and for the oft-neglected WiiWare channel, Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Great Gateway Grab. Aww yiss.

Now for the amazing bit: The video for The Crystal Method 's 2009 single Drown in the Now by coming to 3DS at 3:00PM PST on February 3. The official blurb:

"UVPHACTORY created a graphic black, white and red New York neighborhood that has been infested by small robots. The video culminates with Matisyahu’s rescue via boat by The Crystal Method."

I'm going to assume it's a 3D version of this.

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