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Nintendo Direct - Rune Factory 4, Animal Crossing 3DS, Mario Tennis Open, more

Nintendo announced many, many things during Nintendo Direct. Things such as: a release date for Rune Factory 4, daily DLC for Heroes of Ruin, and extra information on Mario Tennis Open. Below the break is a bullet list of some of the announcements, and also be sure to keep refreshing the front page for the larger bits hitting the site.

In a press release sent over, Nintendo reiterated that your customized Mii character can be tossed into Mario Tennis Open on 3DS. There will be over 200 different items to add to your character such as sports equipment and attire, and there will also be 16 characters to choose from if you wish to play as a Nintendo mascot of sorts.

You will also be able to co-op with a friend through local and wireless multiplayer modes, and you can also turn on the Street pass Option. Various game modes in the game include: Tournament, Free Competition, Special Game, and an interactive Super Mario Bros. mode between you and an opponent. A video is posted over on the official site.

Nintendo has said in a press release it was kind enough to send over, that the recent series of Kid Icarus anime videos will return to Nintendo Video starting April 28.

Many thanks to Siliconera, Andriasang, Gematsu and NWR for the links.

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