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Nier: Automata won't be getting an Xbox One release, but pre-ordering the PS4 day one edition will get you a fancy t-shirt

Nier: Automata T-Shirt! Nier: Automata T-Shirt! Nier: Automata T-Shirt! This will make sense very soon.

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I told you.

Nier: Automata fans were treated to a special message from game director Yoko Taro that is best enjoyed by watching the video above at least three times.

In short, PS4 pre-orders of the Day One Edition get a t-shirt with Emil's big moon face on it from participating retailers which include GAME, ShopTo, and Amazon for buyers in the UK.

Meanwhile Xbox One owners got a bad news bomb after Neowin reported that producer Yosuke Saito confirmed the studio has no plans for an Xbox One release due to the console's poor sales in Japan.

"There are currently no plans to release on this platform. The main reason for this is that the Japanese market for Xbox One is not strong, so the decision was made to focus on PlayStation 4 rather than to split our efforts across two platforms.

"The biggest benefit to developing on one platform is that we did not have to split our time, allowing us to focus more on the quality. It is not about whether one platform is better than the other, it's that from a development point of view were can devote more time to one platform."

Nier: Automata is coming to PS4 on March 7 in North America and March 10 in the UK and Europe. A PC release is expected later this year.

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