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Nier Automata on PS4 Pro has superior image quality and a slightly more consistent frame rate

It looks like Platinum Games has made great use of the PS4 Pro's power to wrangle a stronger performance out of Nier Automata.

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This video from Digital Foundry showcases the advantages of the PS4 Pro version of Nier Automata. It runs at a higher resolution,features superior anti-aliasing and more visual effects, and - most importantly - manages to maintain a consistent 60FPS during busy action sequences.

As is often the case, though, there are a handful of sections where the base PS4, for whatever reason, handles things a little better: as they show in the video, the PS4 Pro has a few hard dips throughout.

The game is also getting a PC release, which is likely to be the most stable of all (if you have the rig for it).

Digital Foundry concludes that Nier Automata is "a brilliant game with an impeccable sense of style", so none of these issues ultimately matter too much.

Nier Automata releases on March 10.

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