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New Guardians of Middle Earth playable character now available for download

Still battling it out in the MOBA title Guardians of Middle Earth? If so, you have some new content today in the form of the Barrow-wight Lord, available for 160 MS points on Xbox Live or $2 on PSN or free with season pass.

Here's the description of this Lord, pictured above: "Twisted by corruption even in death, the Barrow-wight Lord is a powerful remnant of a stalwart line of Men, banished to the Barrow-downs. While living, his power was great, but in death he bears greater power with little resemblance to his original human form." This guy can target a single player steal life from it. Fun!

Guardians season pass holders can get this character without paying extra, and you should know this will be the last new character sponsored by that pass.

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