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Guardians of Middle Earth DLC adds Gimli's dad Glóin to roster

Guardians of Middle Earth developer Monolith has announced a new batch of character DLC for its MOBA title. Glóin, father of angry dwarf Gimli joins the roster soon. No word on whether or not you can toss him, mind you.

In a statement passed to VG247, publisher Warner Bros. confirmed that Glóin would join the character roster soon, and that season pass holders will have two more characters to look forward to in the near future.

He's a warrior class character and his skills are as follows:

  • A Bit of Fire: Damages nearby enemies and gives Glóin haste
  • Durin’s Line: Damages all enemies in a target area
  • Dwarven Stubbornness: Increased resistances and lights enemies on fire that strike him
  • Mighty Axe: Medium range area attack with damage and stun

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