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Is Blizzard going to show a new game at BlizzCon 2014?

BlizzCon 2014's schedule is out, and there's a deeply suspicious gap in it.


Blizzard has left a two hour gap from noon till 2:00PM on the main stage at BlizzCon 2014, something it has never done before.

Additionally, it seems there's a bit of unaccounted for floorspace in one of the halls.

Redditor ReddinRules noticed these unusual discrepancies and has theorised that Blizzard may have a surprise new game (or expansion) to show.

It's quite possible the developer left the gap to make the convention less exhausting for organisers and attendees alike, and the floorspace discrepancy may be designed to make the hall more comfortable.

On top of that, Blizzard has Warlords of Draenor coming up in November, which it probably doesn't want to distract from, and another Diablo 3 expansion seems quite unlikely at this stage. Furthermore, Titan has been cancelled so we know it can't be that.

Still, it's fun to speculate about a Warcraft 4 announce, isn't it? If you're a believer, you may want to pick up a virtual ticket to BlizzCon 2014. Plus you'll be able to see Metallica. Unless that's what's in the gap?

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