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Neverwinter Helm’s Hold assets are full of devils and fiendish creatures

Cryptic has released a new set of screens and a trailer for Neverwinter's Helm’s Hold, which is apparently full of devils and fiendish creatures.

The creatures' origins were a mystery for years, but it was discovered that they were the victims of a tragic Spellplague. The denizens apparently went there to be treated for illness only to be besieged by strange creatures, called devils.

Helm’s Hold was under the control of a devil-worshipping cult led by a Succubus called Rohini, who was the cause of all this evil.

You, as a heroes or heroine of the Forgotten Realms need to thwart the cult’s plans, save those who succumbed to the evil, and emancipate this once holy place from the defilement of Rohini and her minions, which appear in various manifestations and sizes throughout Helm’s Hold.

These miscreants can also be found in the bowels of the Lair of the Mad Dragon, where Chartilifax resides and since he is charmed by Rohini, he will make a formidable dragon foe. Once dispatched, you will need to retrieve one of Rohini’s artifacts, known as the Hex Locus in order to propagate her demise.

Sounds fun.

Neverwinter is currently in open beta.

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