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Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighter class gets trailer & new screens

Neverwinter developer Cryptic Studios has released fresh details on the MMO's Great Weapon Fighter class, along with a new trailer and screens.

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In a note sent to VG247 this morning, the studio describes the Great Weapon Fighter class as a master of two-handed combat, and makes for a great tank ahead of the charge.

The class has a cocktail of skills, according to the studio's synopsis, "Veterans can lead with Avalanche of Steel or Mighty Leap. Combined with Takedown and Slam, the fighter can slow and keep enemies on the ground with ease.

"And with incredible closing speed, elite warriors can advantageously use Sprint, by holding the Shift key, to close the gap on enemies attempting to escape. Used in combination with finishing abilities like Punishing Charge or Come and Get It, enemies do not stand a chance while the class is on the hunt."

What do you think? We've got a batch of screens below, and you can check out more from Neverwinter over at the official site.

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