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Need for Speed: Most Wanted introduces CloudCompete

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Criterion's new racer, challenges players to gain the Most Wanted level, even when they're away from the console.

One of Most Wanted's prominent goal is to become the most notorious racer. Speed Points will add to your reputation, which can be viewed by friends, and can be earned by doing virtually anything in the game. Players can spend these points on upgrades.

To coincide with this, CloudCompete allows you to continue adding points away from your console, through mobile apps. During the EA gamescom press conference, a demo of Autolog/CloudCompete was shown, along with friends’ milestones and records which will be instantly viewable, as will speed cameras and billboards.

With Autolog 2 and a new CloudCompete function, NFSMW will be the most “socially-connected Need for Speed to date,” said the game's executive producer Matt Webster during the EA gamescom press conference.

A trailer was also shown, demonstrating the challenge modes, including Drift Challenge mode. Players will no longer have to grind in order to unlock all the cars. “If you can find it, you can drive it,” said Webster. Players can upgrade each car as the game goes on.

NFS: Most Wanted is out October 30 in NA and November 1 in Europe for PC, PS3, and Xbxo 360.

A multiplayer trailer is below.

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