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NBA 2K15 tips Warriors for Playoffs win

NBA 2K15 has predicted the Golden State Warriors will be the ultimate victors of the NBA Playoffs.


The 2014-2015 NBA Playoffs kicked off this past weekend and will run for two months, but according to 2K's simulation there's only one way this could go: Warriors for the win.

According to Visual Concepts' latest, the Warriors will meet simulation finals favourites the Cleveland Cavaliers for the grand final. The Warriors will take victory in the first two matches, conceding the third and fifth to the Cavaliers, but winning the fourth and six for a 4-2 finals series victory.

I know very, very little about the NBA so I won't hack away at the details any further; 2K posted a lengthy recap of its simulated Playoffs series on the NBA 2K15 Facebook page.

I'll be very interested to see how accurate the simulation's final predictions are; EA Sports' Madden series is almost scarily good at calling the NFL Superbowl every year.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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