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Napoleon: Total War - Heroes of The Napoleonic Wars, Imperial Eagle Pack now available on Steam

SEGA has announced two new DLC unit packs are now available for Napoleon: Total War. The DLC, previously available only as part of Imperial Edition, the Heroes of The Napoleonic Wars unit pack contains 10 battlefield units which includes "the veteran cavalrymen of the 15th British Hussars, the close-combat specialists of the 1st East Prussian Grenadier Battalion, and the deadly Moscow Musketeers." The later can perform volleys of fire before making bayonet charges. Also available is the Imperial Eagle Pack, containing new units that were previously available only with the original boxed-copy launch, or as pre-order extras. With it, players can field 11 units, such as the Grand Battery of The Convention, and Great Britain’s HMS Elephant, and two brand-new units: Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand Cuirassiers, and Russia’s Lifeguard Cossacks, who specialise in hit-and-run cavalry charges.

Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars and the Imperial Eagle Pack are available now on Steam for £1.99/$3.25/€1.99.

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