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Mythic now officially known as BioWare Mythic

biowaremythic mockup

Mythic Entertainment's changed its name to BioWare Mythic, better reflecting EA's merging of the two studios last year.

The name change, along with the transfer of  European publishing rights from GOA to BioWare Mythic, was touched upon in the latest producer's letter for Warhammer Online.

"As you now know, we are working with GOA to transition the European community over to Bioware Mythic (Like the fancy new name? We’re still getting used to it ourselves)," wrote WAR's Carrie Gouskos.

"We’re overjoyed to welcome our European players and are looking forward to more direct interaction with them. At the current time, to ensure that we’re not disrupting too much at once, the European players will be playing on mirrored servers of their current environment, simply hosted by Bioware Mythic at our facilities in Dortmund Germany.

"We will, of course, continually monitor population levels and will consider server consolidations as necessary."

Mythic has undergone quite a few name changes since its inception in 1995, when it was first known as Interworld Productions. The studio's name was changed to Mythic two years later, and EA purchased the company in 2006 - changing its name to EA Mythic.

In 2008, EA changed the studio's name back to Mythic Entertainment.

Last June, EA restructured the company following the departure of boss Mark Jacobs, while promoting BioWare's Ray Muzyka to head the newly-formed RPG/MMO division.

Guess this means that the studios are no longer two separate entities, then, but no. That's not the case. The two studios are still separate.

Reaching out to EA, we were told that BioWare is still it's own entity, and that the Warhammer Online team, Mythic, is now called BioWare Mythic. The representative didn't go into further detail on that, and didn't say whether or not it's just the Warhammer Team since BioWare is helping out on the MMO, or Mythic as a whole.

We'll send another mail for further clarification.

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