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Mustard: Infinity Blade's graphics "a one-time deal"

Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard has commented that post-Infinity Blade, graphics won't be enough.

"That opportunity to have graphics as the hook is rare, because you're not really going to get that with an Xbox game. I think that was kind of a one-time deal for us," Mustard told Games Industry.

"Also, the thing with Unreal Engine 3 is that, we already know, there are a lot of other people using it. So we'll start to see some really pretty games coming soon."

The CEO also commented that with its next title, the developer will need to find a different draw.

"Like every other game we've made, we'll find different things to become the hook. And when I talk about the hook, it really it just that immediate [clicks fingers] that makes you look at it again, but then you have to impress gamers and press with what the meat is of your game.

"But we're not going to get slack on the visuals, the visual bar that we've set, we'll continue to raise it as much as we can."

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