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Multiplayer has become an "expectation" in games, says Syndicate producer

Syndicate's executive producer, Jeff Gamon, has said that multiplayer may have become an "expectation" in games, but single-player games aren't going anywhere, either.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Gamon said it's all about "scope and value for the money."

"We have to think in terms of our customers and the product," he said. "I don't think online and social modes are absolutely a requirement. It depends on the game.

"But it's rapidly becoming an expectation because it's becoming more and more common."

Gamon said the addition of co-op to Syndicate wasn't implemented for business purposes, but due to it being a first-person shooter,  people who actively play the genre "want to play online with their friends."

"When we're thinking about what kind of online game we wanted to make, co-op seemed the only way to go based on the original games," he said. "Co-op for us was always equal partners in this. It wasn't about, we need to tick a box here. This is Syndicate.

"We're Starbreeze, so we're going to do a single-player campaign with a great narrative, really immersive, but it was a given to us this was going to be equal partner in the billing, with the co-op mode recreating that experience of the original game."

Syndicate is out in February 2012 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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