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MTV Games making Natal project


Microsoft's confirmed to Silicon Republic that MTV Games is currently making a Natal-based title.

"We're actually really not sure what games will be available [for Natal] yet," said Erin Hofta from the firm's US arm at the same event Jonathan Ross showed up at.

"EA, Ubisoft, MTV Games and our other major software partners have had the technology since June so it will be really interesting to see what they come up with."

It's the first real confirmation that MTV Games, and quite possibly Rock Band developers Harmonix, are working on a project for the motion camera.

Last year, however, Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos did hint at a title for it,  saying in Cologne during gamescom that the camera will "affect how people view games in general."

Rock Band: Natal confirmed, then.

Via CVG.

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