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Mortal Kombat X 1.02 patch improves netcode, adds free Sub-Zero costume and more

Mortal Kombat X received patches on PC and consoles over the weekend.


NetherRealm has released the first post-launch patch for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Mortal Kombat X to improve the netcode, add a free skin, and much more.

For the PC version, reports indicate that most of the launch troubles are now gone and the game is working as intended. The developer wanted to apologise by awarding all PC players 10,000 Koins for use in the Krypt. A new small patch has also been released to improve graphics performance.

As for the console version, patch 1.02 brought with it a free Sub-Zero Klassic skin. Compatibility pack including season pass costumes and Jason Voorhees was also added.


  • Pharaoh Ermac
  • Vampiress Mileena
  • Kraken Reptile
  • Revolution Kano
  • Motherland Sonya
  • Tundra Sub-Zero


  • Improved Online Stability
  • Multiplayer Invite Improvements
  • Gameplay fixes and balancing
  • Localization languages Fixes
  • Play Go Fixes
  • WB Play Fixes
  • General Bug Fixes

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