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Mortal Kombat X crashing on PC for plenty of users, Steam's new download system to blame

Mortal Kombat X appears to be having major issues on PC right now.


Various reports on Reddit , Steam forums, and Twitter are pointing towards a rocky launch for the PC version of Mortal Kombat X. The port is suffering from severe crashing and stability issues, affecting a lot of users.

Whenever anyone tries to access any of the menu options, the game instantly crashes to desktop. Some have had luck with the one-player mode, but even that is not stable.

The reason is believed to be due to how the game handles content downloads. The game files don't download in full like other games. Instead, about 3GB of files will download initially - supposedly giving you access to early parts of the campaign, while the rest downloads in the background.

The rest of the files are separated into 23 packs that will be installed once they're downloaded. This download never starts however, and you'll end up with 3GB of partially unusable files.

This is the first time Steam uses this type of download system. The new system was not announced prior and the concept appears similar to the one found on PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, it seems like it's not as well-implemented as it is there, causing all sorts of problems.

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