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Moore: Boxing not what it once was, but it's not dead


EA’s Sports Peter Moore has been talking boxing on his blog, specifically to ask the question, "Is boxing dead?"

Moore admitted it’s "clearly not the cultural fixture it once was," and is facing "declining interest (and) a lack of bona fide superstars," however he did go on to add, "Let me be clear, boxing's not dead."

Speaking in relation to EA’s new Fight Night Champion title, Moore said EA “needed to be disruptive with the game design to energize the franchise,” which he says led to a decision 18 months ago to take a chance at something "more risky,” by which he means the game's Champion Mode.

Moore said the team instead turned its attention to the silver screen, with movies such as Raging Bull used as an inspiration.

Fight Night Champion hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 1.

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